June 2012 Mid Month


1. Year End – It’s June!
2. Physical Plant Changes in Billable Rates for FY13

The year end schedule is available on the Finance website. If you missed one of the two Year End Seminars that were held, the Powerpoint presentation can be found here.  Please continue to think about work being performed or goods received that have not yet been billed and request a billing from the vendor so that you can process the payment in the current fiscal year.  The more billing and invoice processing we do now, the less accruals we will need.  Thank you for all of your efforts in getting expenses in the appropriate fiscal year.

  • Workflow – Check your approval inbox daily and act on all documents.  Be sure to set a proxy if you are out of the office.  Monitor the status of unprocessed documents.  All budget errors need to be fixed and all smartdocs fully processed by departments by June 30.
  • Payroll Redistributions – Tomorrow, June 15, is the last day to request payroll redistributions for activity prior to May 31.
  • Are you getting a budget error with a prepaid voucher?  Email Susan Pavis at spavis@wesleyan.edu with the voucher ID and she will take care of it.
  • PCard – Yesterday, June 12, was a special PCard download for charges incurred through June 8. Please attach receipts and submit those vouchers as soon as possible.
  • Purchase Orders –  Please begin reviewing purchase orders (PO) in funds 100, 101, 140, 601, 602, 651, 652, and 720. Any unused or remaining encumbrances must be closed out by June 30, 2012. Also, please keep this deadline in mind when creating new PO’s as they will not be available in the next fiscal year. Please contact finance@wesleyan.edu to close a PO.

Beginning July 1, 2012 new billing rates will be in effect for all billable services from Physical Plant. These new rates are more closely aligned with actual physical plant labor costs. There are no anticipated changes in policy regarding what is a billable service vs. what is not. Hourly charges are per person.  The new rate schedule is attached.

Please feel free to contact Cliff Ashton @ cashton@wesleyan.edu with any questions.

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