August 2019

1. Year End
2. Introducing CTW OneSource – A New Way to Purchase
3. Amazon Business
4. Accounts Payable – “Bill To” Address and Labor Day Deadlines
5. Fiscal 20 Mileage Reimbursement Rate
6. Finance Office Changes – New Location and New Roles
7. Cash Acceptance Terminating at Certain Campus Locations

Thank you for all of your help during the Year End process.

Prepaids – These are items paid in Fiscal 2019 but related to Fiscal 2020 goods, services or travel. You will notice Fiscal 2020 charges to your budget with a Line Reference containing the initial voucher number.

Accruals – These are items paid in Fiscal 2020 but related to Fiscal 2019 goods, services or travel. You will notice a credit to the Fiscal 2020 budget with a Line Description beginning with ACCRUAL. If the accrual was initiated from a voucher the voucher ID will be in the Line Reference.

If you have an item that appears to not have cleared, please contact Susan Pavis at extension 2839.

2. CTW OneSource
Are you tired of approving purchase orders and vouchers?  Do you find reconciling your PCard voucher a tedious task?  CTW OneSource is your solution!

The Wesleyan University Purchasing and Procurement Office is pleased to announce a new centralized purchasing portal, CTW OneSource (“OneSource”), accessed in the Finance bucket of WesPortal. This new portal allows for fast, online, ordering from preferred vendors, efficient approvals of orders, and, most of all, takes the payment processing out of your hands. Payment for purchases made through this system do not need to be put on the buyer’s Pcard. In fact, payment is handled centrally and eliminates the need for buyers to even create a voucher at all!

Benefits of this purchasing portal include:
• Integration with WFS – purchase orders are generated, budget is encumbered and payment is made automatically.
• Efficient and effective approvals – Approval is given prior to the purchase being made and eliminates duplicate approval of both purchase orders and vouchers.
• Reduces PCard reconciliation – the purchase doesn’t hit the pcard at all.
• Fast ordering from major vendors
• Automatic invoice payment upon receipt of the goods – as soon as you tell us the item you expected to receive was received, the invoice is out of your hands.

We are currently hosting a number of training sessions to become familiar with the new system. While these training sessions are not mandatory, everyone is strongly encouraged to attend as, by November 1 all WB Mason and Amazon purchases will be required to be made via OneSource. Please register for training here.

More detailed guides are available on the OneSource site in the “Links” section in addition to a Quick Start Guide and a flyer that lists the anticipated vendors on OneSource with this initial rollout. We encourage you to help spread the word by posting this flyer in any applicable workrooms. We also hope to have a training video available soon. However, these should not take the place of in person training. We strongly encourage you to sign up for one of the sessions to gain a better understanding of the change in process and the system.

Please feel free to reach out to me ( or Olga Bookas ( with any questions, comments, or concerns about our new eProcurement system. We are also happy to come to any existing departmental staff meetings to explain the new process.  Thank you!

We currently have three categories of suppliers affiliated with the system:
1) Available – Suppliers that are currently available for purchases – Airgas, Amazon, Dupli, Fisher Scientific, Grainger, WB Mason
2) Pending – Suppliers available but looking for someone to place the initial order before releasing it to everyone – Bio-Rad Laboratories, Carolina Biological, Graybar, SHI International.  If you have an order to place with any of these Vendors please contact Val Nye at x3192 or to open it up for the first purchase in OneSource.
3) Anticipated – Suppliers anticipated to be added in this first phase: B&H Photo, Beckman-Coulter, CDW, FW Webb, Home Depot, Medline, VWR

In conjunction with the CTW OneSource system described above, the University has opened a central Amazon Business account available for all departments to use. This means that departments no longer have to pay for individual Amazon Prime accounts. Access to this account is via the CTW OneSource purchasing portal described in section 2 with detailed instructions found here. We encourage everyone to sign up for OneSource training.  As of November 1 all Amazon purchases must be made through this central account.

Bill To Addresses
We have noticed invoices coming directly to Accounts Payable because of inaccurate “Bill To” Addresses.  The Bill To Address should only be Accounts Payable if it is a CTW OneSource vendor (See Section 2).  Otherwise, please work with the vendor to change the address as this could result in delay of payment.

Labor Day Deadlines
On Monday, September 2nd, the University will observe the Labor Day holiday. All Accounts Payable Vouchers that must be processed on Friday, September 6th, must be received in the Accounts Payable Inbox no later than Friday, August 30th at 4:00 pm. Keep in mind that Wesleyan’s net terms determine the payment date.

Please contact Tamara Harley at extension 2843 or Crystal Flores at extension 2842 with any questions.

Effective 7/1/19, the FY 20 Mileage Reimbursement Rate is 58 cents per mile.

6. FINANCE OFFICE UPDATES – New Location and New Roles
All members of the Finance Office, except for Financial Planning and the Student Accounts Office, have moved to 291 Main Street.  Please take note:

    • 291 Main Street is a card access building for all faculty and staff.  Please bring your WesID and and swipe it on the panel at the front, Main Street entrance for access.  Finance is on the third floor.
    • Interoffice mail is only delivered to 291 Main twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If it is urgent, please consider scanning (if it is not a check) and emailing, or sending via US Mail (which will likely arrive the next day) to 291 Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457.
    • Two hours of free parking is available to anyone wishing to drive their car to 291 Main for meetings, pickups etc. The parking is available in the Middlesex Corporate Center Parking Garage located directly behind the building.  A validation ticket can be obtained from Jackie Dudley at the front entrance desk of 291 Main.

In addition, some roles and responsibilities are shifting. Tami Sabo has been promoted to Finance Supervisor and will oversee Accounts Payable as well as Cash Management.  Tami is now the primary contact for wire transfers and other cash management responsibilities, replacing Christine Rodrigue, who is taking on an expanded role in the Non-Resident Alien taxation space. Questions and requests can continue to be sent to for the best service.

Crystal Flores has been promoted to Accounting Specialist V and will be taking on additional Finance responsibilities, including OneSource, SUA and Pcard Administration. Pcard and SUA questions and requests can continue to be sent to and for the best service.  Tammy Harley will continue her lead role in Accounts Payable, with Crystal Flores providing support during peak processing periods.  All accounts payable questions and requests can continue to be sent to for the best service.

Effective September 1, Cardinal Tech, Wes Station and Cardinal Print will no longer be accepting cash as a form of payment. Customers will be able to use major credit cards at all 3 locations with no minimum (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Amex), Middletown cash or department charge using the 10 digit smartkey/account (for appropriate University purchases).