Mid March Newsletter

Due to these unusual times resulting in some policy and procedure changes, we are providing this mid month newsletter. The Finance Office is committed to business continuity. However, the staff is currently working remotely so please email the following for the most immediate service:

Checks, Vendor Payments and Accounts Payable – ap@wesleyan.edu
Payroll – payroll@wesleyan.edu
PCard – pcard@wesleyan.edu
Other – finance@wesleyan.edu

1. Travel
2. Accounts Payable
3. Payroll
4. PCards
5. WB Mason and Amazon Deliveries

While Wesleyan travel is currently suspended, we recognize that there is a significant amount of travel (airline/hotel/conference fees) that was already paid for and is now in flux. There are currently many scenarios that you may find yourself in. Attached should provide some guidance on next steps.  For any scenarios not specifically addressed on the attached please contact Tami Sabo at tsabo@wesleyan.edu.

Although we do not anticipate delays in check payments at this time, we strongly encourage all departments work with their vendors to set up and use electronic forms of payment available for University purchases. For all merchants who accept credit card, use your P-Card. For credit limit increases, email pcard@wesleyan.edu. Encourage your vendors to accept the Single Use Account (SUA).  This process can be initiated by emailing their vendor name, email address, contact name and phone number to sua@wesleyan.edu. For businesses who do not accept credit card and individuals who are currently not set up for ACH payments, please encourage them to do so by sending them the applicable form – here for businesses and here for individuals. Contact ap@wesleyan.edu with any questions regarding ACH setup.

Until further notice, the “Hold for Pickup” check option has been temporarily suspended. Users who have marked payments for pick up will be contacted to coordinate check delivery. Also, all Travel Advances will be paid via ACH.

Please remind approvers in your department to set a proxy if they are not able to approve remotely. If they are not able to set this proxy remotely please contact Melanie Messier at mmessier@wesleyan.edu to set it on your behalf.

The Payroll Office remains open from 8:30 to 5:00, but with remote only appointments available upon request. Until further notice, the Payroll Office will not be available for drop-in visitors. The best method to setup an appointment or request payroll assistance is through email at payroll@wesleyan.edu.

Contact pcard@wesleyan.edu if your card is expiring and/or blocked and reissued due to card loss or fraud to have your card mailed directly to an off campus address. This can be your home address. Once you receive the card, email pcard@wesleyan.edu to confirm receipt prior to activation.

All WB Mason orders are being held at Wes Station and can be picked up there at your convenience. Due to the limitations that prevent Amazon orders from OneSource from being delivered to home addresses, we are temporarily allowing reimbursement of tax and shipping on Wesleyan business orders made with personal Amazon accounts.