January 2024

1. Minimum Wage
2. Payroll
3. Foreign Visitors


As a reminder, please note that the funding to accommodate the increase in Connecticut state minimum wage from $15.00 per hour to $15.69 per hour on January 1, 2024 has been allocated to unrestricted operating smartkeys (funds 100 and 104) excluding cost centers. The funding has been allocated based on the actual student wages spent in the prior two fiscal years (2022 and 2023). All restricted funds will need to fund this increase from their own resources.


W-2s – Form W-2 “wage and tax statement” for employees is now available via employee self-service.

If you opted to suppress a paper copy of your W-2 prior to December 31, 2023, you will have access to your 2023 W-2 electronically and no further action is required.

For employees who did not elect the paperless feature, the W-2 will be mailed directly to the home address on file. Please note that you can still access an electronic version of your W2 via employee self-service.
To access, please navigate to WesPortal then click on My Information > Pay/Tax Statements – IPAY.
Employees Filing Exempt

All employees are reminded to review both their Federal and State tax filing status. To continue to be exempt from withholding in 2024, you must log into WesPortal then navigate to employee Self -Service W-4 to complete a new W-4 claiming exempt by February 15, 2024.

If you do not complete a new W-4 for calendar year 2024, we will begin withholding your Federal and State income tax at the highest rate.

If a new Form W-4 claiming exemption from withholding is submitted after February 15, 2024, we will apply the exemption to future wages, but will not refund taxes withheld while the exempt status wasn’t in place.

3. Foreign Visitors

The following is a reminder related to payment processing for foreign visitors. This is not in response to any specific issues in this area, but simply a reference, as activity is increased during the fall and spring semesters.

Understanding that international cultural engagement fuels creativity, supports diplomacy, and enriches artistic offerings, it is crucial for both foreign visitors and Wesleyan to comply with US immigration work restrictions and federal tax law. Payments for foreign individuals and businesses are highly regulated and non-compliance could jeopardize a visitor’s visa status and/or future visits to the US. The University will only make payments for eligible individuals upon receiving proof of such eligibility. Payments for foreign individuals for services performed inside the US are also subject to 30% income tax withholding, and the relative tax forms must be determined and collected. To that end, it is extremely important to notify the International Compensation and Taxation office, Christine Rodrigue, prior to requesting and/or accepting the services of a foreign person inside the US or foreign business for anything other than materials purchased. Please see the foreign payment step-by-step instructions on the Accounts Payable Supplier Setup Procedures webpage.