July 2011

1. Year End – Accruals
2 . New Mileage Rate – New Forms
3. Purchasing News – New WB Mason Delivery Schedule and New Vending Services
4.  WFS Backup
1.  YEAR END – Accruals

An accrual is necessary only for goods or services that were received on or prior to June 30th. Fiscal 11 expenses can be accrued until 5 pm on July 14. The process is different depending on whether or not you have an invoice in hand by July 14.

Invoice in Hand by July 14
There is no need to send an accrual email request. Complete the Accounts Payable voucher as normal with two differences.

1. Ad hoc Susan Pavis at the end of the workflow path after Accounts Payable.
2. Note in “Instructions to AP” that this is a Fiscal 11 accrual

Invoice not Received by July 14
Email Susan Pavis at spavis@wesleyan.edu by 5pm July 14th. The email should have all the necessary information such as vendor, amount, smartkey/account and dates of goods or services (which must be prior to June 30th). Please copy the appropriate approver on the email. Susan will process a 2010/11 fiscal year charge to the smartkey. When the actual invoice is received, complete an accounts payable voucher in Fiscal 12 by July 29, charging the department smartkey, and ad hoc Susan Pavis into workflow as an approver at the end of the workflow. Note in “Instructions to AP” that the voucher was accrued.

Beginning July 1, 2011 the mileage rate will be $0.555.  The 2012 Expense Report can be found in your Portfolio under Administrative Applications.  The 2011 Expense Report should be used for travel that occurred prior to July 1, 2011.

Note:  A previous email indicated the rate will be $0.51 as of July 1, 2011.  This was subsequently increased consistent with IRS action.

WB Mason New Delivery Schedule
As of July 1, 2011 WB Mason office supplies deliveries will change to Tuesday and Thursday. The Sustainability Committee is implementing this change as part of the University’s continued effort to reduce carbon footprint.

Jerry Ranando will handle next day delivery and emergency orders for your convenience. Please contact Jerry at jerry.ranando@wbmason.com or by calling 888 926-2766 x1657. We appreciate your continued support!!
New Vending Services
Berkshire Food will be Wesleyan’s new selected vendor for snacks, beverages, healthy snacks and vending. Berkshire Food has been in business for over 50 years. Some of the choices are: Columbian coffee, fresh sandwiches, name brand beverages and optimal product mix for our students and employees to enjoy; even ice cream will be offered at Usdan and the Science locations.
The new, clean and state of the art equipment will be on campus on Thursday, July 7, 2011. We would like to welcome them on campus. More information will follow.

4. WFS
Please note that maintenance is routinely performed on WFS Sunday Mornings between 5-7.  This is a change from Tuesday mornings.  Keep this in mind if you are working and experience any problems.  Always report any problems to wfshelp@wesleyan.edu.

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