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1. WFS
Information and Training – We will continue to hold hands on training as well as WFS demonstrations throughout the month.  Current hands on training available is:

Thursday, September 10, 10-11:30           AP/PO Entry
Thursday, September 17, 10-11                 P-Card Training
Thursday, September 24, 10-11:30           AP/PO Entry
Thursday, October 1, 10-11                          P-Card Training

Registration is available through the ITS training link in your portfolio.  Non hands on WFS demonstrations do not require advanced registration.  These are announced via email on a week-by-week schedule.Be sure to visit the WFS Blog for the most up to date information, training materials and any new forms.

If you can’t make it to a session or want a refresher, some on line training is available through UPK (User Productivity Kit) located at the bottom left of the WFS Blog.


There are two ways to submit a travel expense reimbursement; both end up as a voucher. 1) If your travel detail is considerable first fill out the new travel expense form that can be found in your electronic portfolio.  After filling out the form with your travel expense information, save it to your local drive, and attach the form and the required receipts to the voucher.  Complete the voucher with the appropriate smartkeys, accounts, and dollar totals from the travel expense form.  If you submit the voucher, this will serve as your signature.  If you did not fill out the voucher, have the person submitting the voucher add you as an ad-hoc approver so you can approve it. 2) If your travel is straightforward (i.e. mileage, tolls, a meal or two, etc.), skip the travel expense form, and just fill out the voucher and use the description field to identify your costs (e.g. 200 miles RT to Boston to meet donor @$.55 per mile).  Again, attach any appropriate receipts to the voucher and make sure the traveler is included in the workflow.

Two things to remember: a) either the travel expense form or the voucher needs to contain the business purpose of your trip; this is an IRS regulation. 2) You will need to create an invoice number as it is required on all vouchers.  Use your four digit department code and enter date in mmddyy format for the invoice number.  For example, someone from Finance who entered the voucher on September 1, 2009 would have an invoice number of 1095090109.

Purchase orders are not required for travel expenses.  However, travellers should still obtain approval for anticipated expenses prior to the trip.

There are two ways to approve a smartdoc. 1) You can click on the link contained in the email which will take you directly to the smartdoc you have been asked to approve.  2) Go to your Approval In-Box through your faculty or employee portfolio.  Under Administrative Applications, click the link that says “WFS – Production database”.  On the WFS home page in the upper right side is a link that says “Approval Inbox.”  Once you click that link it will open a window where you can search for all your smartdocs awaiting approval.  The default smartdoc is voucher (you can change the smartdoc by clicking on the dropdown and selecting the appropriate smartdoc).  Click the yellow “Search” button.  At the bottom of the screen the vouchers awaiting your approval will be listed.  Click on the blue voucher ID link to open the voucher, review it, and click the appropriate workflow button at the bottom.  There is a Tip Sheet on the WFS Blog with instructions/pictures.  Both options require that you are already on the Wesleyan network.

You can work (create or approve vouchers and POs, etc.) in WFS if you are off-campus. Accessing WFS off-campus requires accessing the Wesleyan network through VPN.  You can find out more about VPN here:  Once you are in WFS through VPN everything works the same way as if you were on campus.  If you try to access the system without VPN (just clicking on the link in an approval email without first establishing the VPN connection) you will get an error message or the system will time out.

You can update a denied voucher or PO and resubmit it to workflow. If your voucher or PO was denied, make the appropriate changes, budget check, and resubmit.  A denied smartdoc has been budget checked and therefore either encumbers or expenses the budget, it does not go away.  You should not create a new smartdoc to complete the process.  You can check if you have any denied smartdocs by searching in the “Find an Existing Value” panel under the appropriate smartdoc.  There is a status column with the results or you can filter the results to show only “denied” smartdocs by selecting “denied” in the status dropdown.

You can check the workflow status of a smartdoc. In the upper right had side of each smartdoc you will see “Approval Status.”  Click on the link (e.g. “In Workflow”)  and you will see where the smartdoc is in the workflow. Also, be sure to click on the comments for more information.

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Due to the Labor Day Holiday on Monday, September 7th, there will be an early deadline for all Accounts Payable Vouchers.

Vouchers received in the Accounts Payable inbox on Friday, September 4th by 4:00pm will be processed for the September 11th check run.

Keep in mind that the net terms always determine check/ach payment date.

Accounts Payable will be collecting information from our existing vendors using our New Vendor/Substitute W-9 form. New vendors will not be set up for payment until this form is received by the accounts payable department.  New vendors can be requested using the WFS New Vendor Request form in the Administrative Applications section of your portfolio.  Please be sure to check the WFS system to see if the vendor exists prior to requesting a new vendor.

For accounts payable questions please contact Tammy Harley at x2843 or Janet Gyurits at x2842 or email

Anyone who has not submitted an electronic voucher for July PCard transactions is required to attach all supporting documentation to the paper statement and send it to the Finance Office by August 20, 2009.

Paper statements will not be mailed to cardholders for August billing transactions.  Cardholders are required to use the WFS system for reallocation and submission of PCard documentation.  Vouchers with August billing dates were created on September 2 and are available to cardholders by searching on invoice id that begins with their email username.  You will not have a voucher if you did not have any activity on the card during that billing cycle.

PCard training is available through your portfolio if you are a cardholder or reallocater.

For immediate assistance with your JPMorgan Purchasing Card, call the 24 hour Customer Service number on the back of your card (800)316-6056 or (847)488-3748 outside the U.S.

Contact for all card maintenance requests (i.e., credit limit increases/decreases, name change, address change).

Please save these sites as favorites for quick answers to questions you might have.
Finance Office Website
Finance Monthly Blog
New Financial System Blog
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