July 2019

1. Year End
2. New Field in Certain Inquiry Reports
3. Physical Plant Billable Rates and Policies
4. Purchasing News
5. We’ve Moved!

Fiscal 2019 Budgets
Carryforward budgets have been loaded for those funds that roll over. However keep in mind that adjustments to these carryforwards will be made until mid-July to reflect final Fiscal 2019 spending.

Clarification of Year End Accruals
The following is a clarification of the year end memo section related to Accruals:

Expenses incurred, services provided or products received prior to June 30 must be charged in fiscal 2019.

Between July 1st and July 12th (noon) you can process the invoice into WFS via the AP voucher as you normally would except add in the Note to AP section – ACCRUAL FISCAL YR 2019. After the voucher has been budget checked, using the workflow preview button (at the bottom of the voucher) add Susan Pavis at the end of the workflow as an approver. If a change is made to the voucher after the ad hoc, a new workflow is created and the ad hoc of Susan must be done again.

If by noon on July 12th you have not received the expected invoice and can not process in WFS, you will need to email Susan Pavis at spavis@wesleyan.edu the details of the accrual to be manually processed. The items that need to be included in the email are:

  • Smartkey/account
  • Amount
  • Vendor Name
  • Description

You can have multiple requests in one email, but all of the information must be provided for each invoice.

If an invoice has been manually accrued via an email request on July 12th and subsequently received, you can process the voucher (or pcard) as normal. There is no further special processing to take place.

The same basic process should be followed for Pcard activity also. However, it is important to note the download dates in the Pcard section of the year end memo as something may still be processed to FY 19 via the download. You do not need to request an accrual for the final pcard download.  If the transaction has not processed via the Pcard download you can email Susan Pavis at spavis@wesleyan.edu the details of the pcard accrual request. The same details described above (smartkey/account; amount; vendor name and description) are required for the accrual to be manually processed.

Please note that an accrual is not the same as a budget carryforward. An accrual means that the expense actually happened in fiscal 2019. If the expense was not incurred or the product not received, then an accrual is not necessary.

“Rev Class” has been added to the Attributes tab after the Long Description column on the Smartkey Summary inquiry report and Smartkey/Account Summary inquiry report.  This is for Finance Office use only but may affect pivot table downloads.  The locations referenced here assume an uncustomized layout. If you have customized your Inquiry layout they may appear elsewhere. ****This will impact any pivot tables that you maintain so please adjust accordingly.***

On July 1, 2019 the attached per labor-hour charges took effect for all billable services from Physical Plant. The only change to the billing policy is related to nameplates. Nameplates will now be billed to the requesting department at a total cost of ½ hour of labor. This charge covers both the labor and materials necessary to complete the request. Please feel free to contact Jeff Murphy with any questions.

Please see attached Purchasing News for information on the new office location, new WB Mason contact, CTW OneSource training and more!

Some members of the Finance Office have moved to new digs at 291 Main Street! This includes members of Payroll, Grants, and Purchasing. Accounts Payable (Tammy Harley and Crystal Flores), Pcard (Tami Sabo), Cash Management/NRA (Christine Rodrigue) and Susan Pavis will still be at 287 High Street until July 29 when they will move to Main Street as well. Financial Planning and the Student Accounts Office will remain in North College.