August 2021

1. Year End – Accrual Reversals
2. Bank Transition Update
3. Payroll – Change to Collection of I9 Process
4. Purchasing News

All Accruals and other FY 21 entries have been reversed prior to July 31 2021. If you have a pending journal requiring your approval please know that you are being asked to approve only the line that is related to your smartkey. Please contact Susan Pavis ( if you have any questions.

The University has successfully transitioned outgoing payments to JP Morgan and will be working on incoming payments in the next few weeks.
Outgoing Payments
– All paper checks are now be printed off site by JP Morgan.
– You may have noticed the handling code on vouchers defaults to JM. This is normal and is just a code that means it will be mailed either domestic or international from the JP Morgan printing facility. If you require a check to be held for pickup, you can use the existing procedure which involves changing the handling code to DE and putting additional information in the “Instructions to AP”. It will be available after noon on Friday for pickup. Some departments had special handling codes specifically for their department. Those departments have been notified on the new procedure separately.
– Anyone receiving a paper check will now also get an email that includes remittance information. Email addresses are now a mandatory field in the new vendor setup. Note, we strongly discourage paper checks due to the high risk of fraud. Please encourage new suppliers to take advantage of payment via SUA (Single Use Account credit card for fast payment) or ACH.
– The Pay Cycle is now run on Wednesday morning rather than Thursday morning. Therefore, our previous Monday voucher deadline has moved to Friday.

Incoming Payments
– We will be gradually changing our primary bank for deposits in the next few weeks. It requires some technical changes to the deposit transmittal form. Our goal is to have these changes done by September 1.
– Deposit stamps – we are aware of those that need them and will be providing them soon.
– ACH Deposits – we are compiling a list of constituents who send funds electronically and will be providing letters as notification of the change in banking instructions.

Students that are going to work at Wesleyan are required to complete the I9 and show original documents. Departments should not allow a student to start working until the student has been hired in the Student Employment System (which verifies that they have completed the I9 and are eligible to work).

Departments can direct students to “Becoming a Student Employee” located on their WesPortal if they have questions about the process. That document provides them with all the details required to work.
Any other inquiries for Payroll require them to create a payroll Help ticket via WesPortal or email with any questions.

Please see attached Purchasing News for information on office supplies, new products from Dupli, Enterprise car rental and hotel bookings.