February 2016

1. Earnings Redistribution Request
2. Vendor Credits
3. Conference Attendance
4. Payments to Foreign Visitors
5. WFS Upgrade
6. Contact emails
7. Purchasing News
8. Budget Reminders

Earnings Redistribution Requests (which can be found in your EPortfolio) should be submitted to correct payroll that has been charged to the wrong position number/smartkey and account. There is a 90 day deadline for Earnings Redistribution Requests.
To prevent the need for these requests, follow these best practices:
• Double check the position number is tied to the correct smartkey and account using the Position Cross Reference panel before submitting payroll.
To access the Position Cross Reference Panel, please follow the navigation in HRMS:
Wesleyan Menu->Manager’s Tool Box-> Position Cross Reference OR
Wesleyan Menu->Student Payroll->Student Time Enry (by Dept) and click on the link: “Position Cross Reference”.
Once you are on the Position Cross Reference panel, search by department (i.e. Department CONTAINS 1095) or smartkey (i.e., Account Code CONTAINS 1001095100) to get a listing of all your positions. Check that the position you plan to use is correctly tied to the smartkey and account.
• Run the Personal Earnings Detail Report in Inquiry regularly to check that earnings have been charged correctly. If you have weekly payroll, run these reports weekly.

See attached for more information.  If you have any questions, please email financialplanning@wesleyan.edu

2. Vendor Credits
If you are owed a reimbursement from a vendor, there are two options for getting the funds returned. If you normally pay them and want the refund deducted from their next payment you can submit a voucher with a negative dollar amount and attach the credit memo. Otherwise, if they send you a check then simply deposit the check to the same smartkey where the original expense was charged.

3. Conference Attendance
As clarification of documentation for conference attendance that was previously communicated, normally conferences provide an agenda or a specific itinerary that should be included with the reimbursement request. If this type of supporting documentation does not exist, a program description or emails describing the nature or business purpose of the event can be submitted as an alternative.

4. Payments to Foreign Visitors
The following is a reminder related to payment processing for foreign visitors. This is not in response to a specific issue in this area, but simply a reference, as activity is increased during the fall and spring semesters.

Understanding that international cultural engagement fuels creativity, supports diplomacy, and enriches artistic offerings, it is crucial for both foreign visitors and Wesleyan to comply with US immigration work restrictions and federal tax law. Payments to foreign individuals and businesses are highly regulated and non-compliance could jeopardize a visitor’s visa status and/or future visits to the US. The University will only make payments to eligible individuals upon receiving proof of such eligibility. To that end, it is extremely important to notify Finance, Christine Rodrigue, x3502, prior to requesting and/or accepting the services of a foreign person or business. Please see NRA Visitor Payment Checklist.

5. WFS Upgrade
Hopefully everyone is now used to the upgraded version of WFS. If you missed one of the two open sessions that were offered, a summary of the differences can be found here.

Pop Up Blockers – Since the new version of WFS is a different web address from the old version you may need to adjust your pop up blockers to view attachments and pull up new panels.

Inquiry and Pivot Tables – Please review pivot tables carefully as Inquiry columns may not line up the same as the old version.

6. Contact Emails
Please use the following emails depending on the specific situation. Use of these emails will ensure that your request is addressed in the most efficient manner.

    • pssecurity@wesleyan.edu – Peoplesoft security-related requests for WFS including, but not limited to, adding smartkeys, adding new users, adding new panels etc.
    • wfshelp@wesleyan.edu – WFS questions and issues such as a panels or features not working as expected. This can also be used for deleting smartdocs, budget overrides or requests related to workflow.
    • finance@wesleyan.edu – any finance related questions that are not related to WFS such as policies, budgets etc.
    • pcard@wesleyan.edu – PCard requests such as limit increases, opening or closing cards etc.

In addition, use of Service Now, the ITS support system, should be used for ITS issues, browser issues etc. Please do not submit Service Now tickets to request Peoplesoft security.

7. Purchasing News
Please see attached Purchasing News for information on the 5th Annual Taste of Middletown, the Green Vendor Show, 2016 ProShred Schedule and more!

8. Budget Reminders
Please be sure to check your financial reports so that you are on track in your budgets. Assuming consistent spending throughout the year, budgets should be 58% expended.