February 2024

1. General Counsel Updates
2. Purchasing News


The Office of the General Counsel is pleased to announce that it has updated the following forms for 2024 to be used when contracting with third-parties. These forms are housed on the General Counsel website under Forms.

• Master Purchase Agreement
• IT Vendor Essential Terms*
• Limited Engagement Agreement**
• Facility Use Agreement
• Consulting Agreement (available upon request)

When working with these forms, please remember to always pull a new form from the website for each engagement. Minor edits are made occasionally throughout the year, and this practice ensures you will always be working with the latest version. Word versions of the forms are available upon request.

As a reminder, before sending the form to any third parties, it is your responsibility to review the Security Risk Matrix to make sure the insurance requirements in the form accurately reflect the risk associated with your project. Additionally, the Contracting Policy should be consulted to determine the appropriate person who can sign your contract on behalf Wesleyan as well.

For more information on these forms and their intended uses, the Office of the General Counsel now offers the following course through Success at Wes: “Contracting with Third-Parties Form & Policy Overview”. If you have immediate questions on any of the forms in the interim, please contact Emily Lundie.

*Note, the IT Vendor Essential Terms is not a complete contract on its own. It is intended to be attached as an Exhibit/Schedule to approved IT vendor software or service contracts.

**Note, the Limited Engagement Agreement is not intended to replace the Master Purchase Agreement but, instead, is intended for the limited engagement of speakers, guest lecturers, performers or other individuals at nominal expense to Wesleyan. It is to be used only for engagements of an academic nature and a short duration presented to the Wesleyan community.

It is not designed for engagements that create the significant potential for risk of physical injury or property damage (including by way of example, but without limitation, engagements involving intense physical activity or the use of heavy or dangerous equipment, installations, scaffolding, suspended lights or cameras, or the erection of sculpture or sets).

Because there are no insurance requirements in the Limited Engagement Agreement, Finance & Administration and/or the Legal Department must be consulted before this Agreement is used for any engagement other than those for which it is specifically designed as described above.


Please see attached Purchasing News for information on a Green Vendor Show, Healthtrax, Enterprise car rental and more.