June 2020

1. Year End
2. Interdepartmental Chargebacks
3. Payroll
4. OneSource

5. Workforce Time
6. Cell Phone Policy
7. Payroll Help
8. Purchasing News
9. Staffing Changes

1. YEAR END – It’s almost here! Some important reminders.

  • Workflow – Check your approval inbox daily and act on all documents. Be sure to set a proxy if you are out of the office. Monitor the status of unprocessed documents. All budget errors (red lines) need to be fixed by June 30.
  • Payroll Redistributions – The last day for June or before payroll redistributions is July 10th at 12:00 noon.
  • Prepaid Expenses – Please remember to use account code 13705 for prepaid expenses and include the additional lines on the voucher as detailed in the year end memo.
  • PCard – The next download is scheduled for June 23 for activity through June 20 and the final fiscal 2020 Pcard download is scheduled for July 2 for activity through June 30.
  • Purchase Orders (PO) – Please review open purchase orders. Any unused or remaining encumbrances must be closed out by June 30, 2020 (except for grant funds 501 and 502 and project funds 710 and 730). Keep this deadline in mind when creating new PO’s as they will not be available in the next fiscal year. Please contact finance@wesleyan.edu to close a PO. The default date for new Purchase Orders will change to fiscal 2021 on June 22.
  • Accruals – If work is being performed or goods are received prior to June 30 and you have not yet been billed, please request accelerated billing from the vendor so that you can process the payment in the current fiscal year. The more billing and invoice processing we do now, the less accruals we will need (more to come on accruals after June 30).
  • Deposits – To ensure that there is time for processing, please submit cash deposit transmittals by Wednesday, June 24th at 10:00 am. The final date for submitting check deposit transmittals for fiscal 2020 is Friday, June 26th, at 10:00 am. This is the date and time that checks and final paperwork must be received in the Cashier’s Office in North

The year-end schedule is available here as well as on the Finance website. Thank you for all of your efforts in getting expenses in the appropriate fiscal year.

All interdepartmental chargebacks (including transactions processed via a WFS Interface) need to be processed, and budget errors cleared, by June 30. If you are experiencing a budget error please contact the department and ask them to either provide a new smartkey or add budget to the existing smartkey. The following are exceptions to this timeline and will be processed by July 15 so please plan budgets accordingly:

  • Payroll for 6/29 – 6/30
  • Pcard charges for 6/20 – 6/30

Please let Melanie Messier (mmessier@wesleyan.edu) know if you have interdepartmental chargebacks that will not meet this deadline. Unless there is a specific exception, departments cannot be charged in fiscal 2021 for an activity or service that happened in fiscal 2020.

Please see attached for additional payroll related deadlines.

Please make sure all items that have been received are marked “received” as such. As of June 22, if a new purchase will not be received until after June 30, you can mark it in the next fiscal year by choosing F21 from the financial year drop down menu on the requisition.

On July 27th, all hourly staff and students will record hours worked and leave taken in Workforce Time, and exempt staff will use the new system to record leave. Training on the new system for employees and supervisors will begin in July and continue into October. Employees can register for training sessions by visiting Success at Wes. Training sessions will be offered via Zoom and recorded sessions will be available starting on July 6 in WesPortal. In addition, the Payroll team will be offering Zoom drop in hours every Monday (9-10) and Thursday(2-3) starting on July 13th through October 29th to answer questions related to Workfore Time.

Budgetary pressures are driving a change in University policy with respect to cell phone allowances. Effective July 1, 2020, the University will reduce the monthly cell phone allowances to $20 for those employees currently receiving these allowances. All existing cell phone allowances, regardless of funding source, will reflect the new allowance amount effective July 1st. University operating funds previously funding these allowances will be returned centrally.

In addition, the revised policy removes the provision for a one-time allowance to defray the cost of a new device and eliminates new entrants into this program.

The change in policy also corresponds to changes in the pricing of cell phone services. The previous policy was obsolete and was no longer representative of how cell phone plans are priced. The previous stipend amounts were determined based on plans with a set number of minutes whereas now all three major service providers provide unlimited plans. The reduction in the allowance amount also addresses challenges of the old policy with tax regulations.

Effective Monday, June 22nd, the payroll@wesleyan.edu account will no longer be used by the Payroll team for payroll inquiries and requests. All payroll related inquiries and requests should be submitted as a ticket through Service Now in WesPortal under the heading Employee Information/Payroll Help. Please note that Wesleyan employees can perform several self-service functions in WesPortal such as:

• View pay statements and W2 forms under My Information/Online Pay Statements – iPay
• Change or update Direct Deposit information under Employee Information/Benefit, HR & Payroll Forms
• Update Federal and State W4 information under Employee Information/Benefit, HR & Payroll Forms

If your issue or request cannot be handled through self-service in WesPortal, please submit a ticket through Payroll Help. The Payroll Office will assign it to a team member and will respond within one business day.

Please see attached Purchasing News.

After 20 years with Wesleyan, Gladys Fountain has announced her retirement in July. Gladys is a staple of the Payroll Office providing excellent customer service to all she encounters and we wish her well in retirement. In addition, you may have noticed that Suzanne Bussolari has been providing temporary assistance to our office while Crystal Flores is out on maternity leave. When Crystal returns in mid-August she will be a Staff Accountant reporting to Kim Savinelli. We will continue to search for the open position replacements as hiring conditions allow.