October 2020

1. New AP Supplier Request Form – as well as AP Tips
2. WB Mason Deliveries
3. Printer/Copier Machines
4. Purchasing News
5. Cashiering Procedures Reminder

Beginning today, the Controller’s Office will launch a new process for submitting New Vendor requests. Requests will now be processed via a WFS form and will have workflow attached. The link will still be accessed in your employee portal, under the Finance bucket. The deadline will be the same. If a request is received in the AP inbox by Monday at 4pm, it will be set up by Friday of that same week.

Speaking of Accounts Payable – please review the Attached tip sheet for voucher.  These are common mistakes we see.  Please keep them in mind when completing a voucher in order to avoid delay of payment.

WB Mason will begin delivering to departments on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10-2. Please be sure someone is there to receive it. If no one is there to receive the order, the driver will bring it to Wes Station to be picked up by the department. If you know that you will not be there to receive it, choose “Wesleyan Station” in the “Ship To” field of the OneSource Requisition and in the “Attn:” field include “hold for xxxxx department”. You will then have to pick it up at Wes Station.

As previously communicated via a campus-wide email last month, we are in the process of installing 132 new printer/copier devices across campus. These devices will not only achieve cost savings for the University, but they are energy efficient and offer improved print, copy, scan, and fax capabilities. Once completed, all faculty and staff will be able to retrieve print jobs from any campus Ricoh machine by printing from their computer to the single campus print queue Wes-Find-Me-Printers and swiping a card once at the device to retrieve their document. This new process, powered by PaperCut software, allows for more flexibility and enhanced privacy when printing.

Detailed instructions on using the new devices are available on the ITS website. There, you can also find a listing of device locations around campus, including those that are able to print color and large-format documents. (For efficiency and cost-saving purposes, these more expensive devices are now only available in select locations).

The chargeback method to department smartkeys will change from “by machine” to “by person”.  Each user will be assigned a default smartkey, which will typically be the department operating budget. PaperCut will allow users the ability to choose from a list of multiple smartkeys if necessary. More information on these chargebacks and default smartkeys will be provided in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, if you know that you want your default smartkey to be something other than the departmental operating budget, please email Crystal Flores in the Controller’s Office at cflores@wesleyan.edu.  In addition, the cost of paper will no longer be charged to departments.  Those responsible for machine maintenance will be given access to a central budget smartkey for paper ordering.  Stay tuned for additional information on this process in the coming weeks.

This project will bring Wesleyan increased document security, improved personal convenience, and a reduction in waste and power consumption across campus. For any technical questions that are not addressed on the ITS website, please contact Erik Quimby at equimby@wesleyan.edu. For questions on paper ordering and print and copy charges, you may contact Val Nye at vnye@wesleyan.edu.

Please see attached Purchasing News.

Just a friendly reminder of a few things when submitting university deposits. Please be sure that BOTH the Smartkey AND Account numbers are noted on each check. This is essential information for department recognition if checks are returned by the bank for any reason. Please remove the checks from the check stubs and keep all accompanying documentation for your own files – please do not send all the reference information for your checks or deposits. Only the Deposit Transmittal form and the checks attached are required. Also, if you are in possession of the Bank Stamp (not all departments have their own so don’t worry if you don’t have one) please be sure to stamp the back of each check. Thank you for your attention to these details. Your cooperation and assistance is much appreciated.