October 2019

1. CTW OneSource
2. Payroll Reminders
3. Limited Engagement Agreement
4. Purchasing News

1. CTW OneSource – Amazon and WB Mason Purchases
All purchases from Amazon and WB Mason are encourage to be made via the CTW OneSource portal.  This new purchasing portal provides administrative efficiencies and financial savings.  If you need training, there are many sessions available.  Find a training session here. Be on the lookout for quick training videos soon to be available in the “links” section to OneSource.  In addition, please feel free to email Olga Bookas (obookas@wesleyan.edu) or Valerie Nye (vnye@wesleyan.edu) if you would like a more personalized group presentation at departmental staff meetings.

Please remember to “Receive” the items in OneSource as soon as they are delivered. The vendor is waiting for payment and the University will not submit payment until the buyer tells us the items are received via OneSource.

The following suppliers are ready for OneSource onboarding.  However, we need for someone to place a live order before opening them to the University. If you have an order to be placed with any of these vendors please contact Valerie Nye (vnye@wesleyan.edu) or Olga Bookas (obookas@wesleyan.edu) to coordinate the order.

– Bio Rad
– Carolina Biological
– Graybar
– Medline
– SHI International

Any questions on CTW OneSource can be sent to onesourcehelp@wesleyan.edu

Student Employment
Departments are required to verify if students completed an I-9 which is mandatory prior to hiring the student. You can verify if the I-9 was completed via Student Time Entry panels in Peoplesoft. Click on this link to view how to access Student Time Entry and what you will see. This process will allow hiring managers/departments to verify this information prior to hiring a student to work.

If the student does not have an I-9 they are not eligible to work and should not be allowed to do so. Have the students follow up with the Payroll office and make sure to mention they need original documents to complete the I-9. Students are not eligible to work if this paperwork is not complete as it puts the University at risk for non-compliance.

Our office is located at 291 Main Street, 3rd floor or they can email us at payroll@wesleyan.edu.

Direct Deposit Forms
Direct Deposit is our method of payment and mandatory for incoming employees. Existing employees that do not have direct deposit should consider direct deposit to eliminate delays due to postal delivery that we are not able to control.

Direct deposit forms will no longer be available via the “payroll forms” located on the payroll website. Employees and students can now access the form via their WesPortal. If you have direct deposit forms on your website, please remove them and use the attached to replace the document.

Contact Payroll@wesleyan.edu for all payroll related inquiries.

A new agreement template for limited engagements (speakers, guest lecturers etc.) is now available on the General Counsel website. Please contact Dave Winakor (dwinakor@wesleyan.edu) with any questions.

Please see the attached purchasing news for information on a mini vendor show, Dupli folders, Sprint and the Red Lion Hotel.