September 2012


1. Payroll I-9 Docs
2. Payments to Students No Services Required
3. Journal Attachments
4. Purchasing News

The Payroll office would like to remind departments that they need to ensure student workers have I-9 documents completed before they are eligible to work. Please contact Payroll if you have any questions.

2. PAYMENTS TO STUDENTS – No Services Required
There are occasions when a student is to be paid for their participation rather than services. In these instances, hourly rates, number of hours, and work-study does not apply and payment must be processed as a stipend through Accounts Payable on a Voucher.
See item # 3 under “Quick Reference Table” at .
An example of this is summer research programs where acceptance to the program may involve attending conferences or workshops, independent research, presentation of research and research training.

For those who use the Open Journal Smartdoc to process transactions to smartkeys they would not normally have access to:

We have noticed if you attach documents at the line level of a Journal prior to having a Journal ID, the document only retains the first attachment and then the remaining need to be attached again. Until the root of the problem can be determined, please wait for a journal ID to be created before attaching documents.  This can be accomplished using any of the following steps:

1.  Complete the document and Save.  This creates a journal ID and documents can be successfully attached at any point in the process.  OR

2.  Attach the documents after Budget Checking.  The process of Budget Checking creates a journal ID.

Remember that documents can be attached even after the journal has been submitted into workflow.

Please see the attachment for important September Purchasing News.

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