July 2021

1. Year End
2. Bank Transition
3. Physical Plant Billable Rates
4. Copier/Printing Journals
5. OneSource – New Process for Closing Orders

Fiscal 2022 Budgets
Carryforward budgets have been loaded for those funds that roll over. However keep in mind that adjustments to these carryforwards will be made until mid-July to reflect final Fiscal 2021 spending.

Expenses incurred, services provided or products received prior to June 30 must be charged in fiscal 2021. Details on how to record accruals can be found in section 14 of the attached memo.

As previously mentioned, over the next couple of months the University will be transitioning its primary operating bank from Bank of America to JP Morgan Chase. Next week we go live with Accounts Payable. What does this mean?
– All existing voucher templates will be deleted as of the end of day Thursday and will need to be recreated in the future.
– As of July 15 all paper checks will now be printed off site by JP Morgan so our actual checks will look slightly different.
– Anyone receiving a paper check will now also get an email that includes remittance information. Email address will become a mandatory field in the new vendor setup. Note, we strongly discourage paper checks due to the high risk of fraud. Please encourage new suppliers to take advantage of payment via SUA (Single Use Account credit card for fast payment) or ACH.

NEW DEADLINES – Beginning the week of July 19, our Pay Cycle will be run on Wednesday morning rather than Thursday morning. Therefore, our current Monday voucher deadline will be moving to Friday. For example, any payments that need to be made on July 21 need to be in the AP Voucher Inbox by 4:00 on Friday July 16 and continuing forward with that same schedule.  Checks to “hold for pickup” will still be available Friday afternoons.  Any direct departmental handling codes will be mailed directly to the departments.  Those departments have been specifically notified of this change and the mailing address separately.

We will focus on Deposits in the next newsletter. Bank of America accounts will remain open for a period of time for legacy transactions.

On July 1, 2021 the attached per labor-hour charges took effect for all billable services from Physical Plant. This charge covers both the labor and materials necessary to complete the request. Please feel free to contact Jeff Murphy with any questions.

Chargeback journals for copier use are now being automatically created every Monday morning. These journals begin with the prefix of PCT.  Lots of information regarding campus printing, including how to see printing jobs and request refunds, can be found here.  We are working on a departmental report that can be run for specific departmental budget owners. At this point if there are questions on departmental charges please email Crystal Flores at cflores@wesleyan.edu

Please make sure all items that have been received are marked “received” as such.  NEW PROCESS: In order to release an encumbrance for a partially completed order, the One Source Purchase Order must be “Closed” at the Order level in addition to the Product level.  This is a change from previous communications. The most common example of when this may be necessary is if a product is ordered and subsequently determined the item is backordered so you cancel the order with the company.  In addition to clicking “Manual Close” in the Receiving menu, in the upper right corner of the OneSource Purchase Order, under “More Actions” click “Close”.  Screen shots can be found in Section 7, Page 5 of the attached.