March 2022

1. Budget Transfers in WFS
2. Requests for International Wire Payments
3. OneSource – Menu, Receiving and More
4. Purchasing News

The deadline for original budget transfers is Tuesday, March 15. It is important that we freeze the 2022 original budgets for 2023 budget planning. Adjustment budget transfers will still be allowed in the last quarter of the fiscal year, but there should be very little budget transfer activity from this point forward. As a reminder, budget transfer training materials can be found on the Finance website at If you have any questions, please email

To request an electronic transfer to a bank outside the United States, complete the Foreign Wire Request Form and attach it to the voucher.

The Smart Doc Voucher must include the following details:

• Type “PAID BY WIRE” in the Instructions to AP section.
• Attach the Foreign Wire Request Form to the voucher.
• Add Jeffrey Mantie (JMANTIE01) as an approver to the end of workflow before submitting the voucher to workflow.

Please contact with questions.

Unimarket has updated their menu layout on the CTW OneSource website. You can find the menu nested on the left bar. To view requisitions, orders, etc. please check under ‘Transactions’. More information on how to navigate OneSource can be found by clicking ‘Learning Center’ on the bottom left side of the menu and in the attached.

Reminder to please click “Receive” once you have received an item that was ordered in OneSource. If you subsequently return an item, you need to record that transaction in OneSource. There are different methods depending on the nature of the return (return for credit, return and replace etc.) More information about receiving and returning in OneSource can be found here.

When purchasing items in OneSource, you do not need to worry about vouchers or payments. However, you may receive a paper invoice or be asked by the vendor or Accounts Payable out an outstanding invoice. You can check the payment status of an order by going to Transactions/Orders and pulling up the OSPxxxxxxx purchase order and clicking on the “Invoices” tab to the right of the “Items” tab. If an invoice has been received for the order it will appear here and the invoice number will be a link. Click on the link for the invoice number. If payment has been made there will now be a tab labeled “Payments”. In that tab you will see the payment date, method and amount. You will also see a Payment Number which is equal to the WFS Voucher Number that can be used to pull up the actual voucher in WFS for additional information.

If you happen to receive a paper statement for an item that was purchased and paid for in OneSource, please forward to Olga Bookas in the Finance Office so that she can work with the vendor to stop paper statements.

Please see attached Purchasing News for information on Medline, Global Industrial, OMNIA Partners and more.