October 2016

1. Purchasing News
2. Contact Emails – Reminder
3. Budget Reminder

Please see attached Purchasing News for information about additional support and services being added to the Wesleyan/WB Mason team as well as promotional discounts being offered by Sprint.

2. CONTACT EMAILS – Reminder
This is a reminder to please use the following emails depending on the specific situation. Use of these emails will ensure that your request is addressed in the most efficient manner.

    • pssecurity@wesleyan.edu – Peoplesoft security-related requests for WFS including, but not limited to, adding smartkeys, adding new users, adding new panels etc.
    • wfshelp@wesleyan.edu – WFS questions and issues such as a panels or features not working as expected. This can also be used for deleting smartdocs, budget overrides or requests related to workflow.
    • finance@wesleyan.edu – any finance related questions that are not related to WFS such as policies, budgets etc.
    • pcard@wesleyan.edu – PCard requests such as limit increases, opening or closing cards etc.

In addition, use of Service Now, the ITS support system, should be used for ITS issues, browser issues etc. Please do not submit Service Now tickets to request Peoplesoft security.

It is not too early to be looking at financial reports and reviewing the status of your budget. Assuming consistent spending throughout the year, budgets should be about 25% expended.