November 2021

1. Accounts Payable News – PCard Tips
2. Cardinal Tech and RJ Julia Department Charges
3. Catering Charges
4. Banking Transition – Deposit Stamps
5. Reception Allowance
6. Student Worker Print/Copy
7. Purchasing News

Please see attached for helpful tips related to PCard processing.

In order to provide a more cohesive “university store” experience, Cardinal Tech and Wesleyan RJ Julia now operates as one entity and use the same systems. The procedures for department charges at Cardinal Tech follow the Wesleyan RJ Julia procedures, whereby departments are invoiced separately for purchases charged to a smartkey. Invoices are received via email to the buyer for payment through the normal voucher payment procedures. If you use a smartkey at Cardinal Tech for a purchase, be on the lookout for an invoice from RJ Julia that must be processed.

Chargebacks for catering services provided by Bon Appetite are done via journals that begin with the prefix of DIN. While the goal is to process these charges on a weekly basis, please note that there were some technical issues at the start of the semester that may result is some previous months’ charges being process this month. Please contact John Kehoe ( or Michelle Myers-Brown ( with any questions or concerns.

The University has fully transitioned to JP Morgan for its operating bank. Please do not use the Bank of America endorsement stamp on the back of checks. If you need a JP Morgan endorsement stamp please contact Valerie Nye at

You may notice new Deposit Types on the WFS Deposit Transmittal SmartDoc in addition to the standard Checks and Cash. We are in the process of deploying Remote Deposit Scanners in some high check volume departments and are using this field to differentiate those departments. If you receive a lot of checks and are interested in exploring this functionality please contact Valerie Nye. Otherwise you can continue to choose the Cash/Check types as normal.

Finally, there is a deposit type named “Electronic Funds Transfer”. We are exploring this option for certain electronic payments that come into the bank. Similar to the requirement to do a voucher for electronic (wire) payments out, if an electronic payment is received in the JP Morgan Operating account we may ask that you complete a Deposit Transmittal and choose the group “Electronic Funds Transfer” to record the receipt. More to come as we continue to test this process.

The per person allowance for receptions has been increase from $10 to $15. Additional information can be found in Section II.C.4(b) here.

Do you have a student worker in your office who needs to be able to print/copy using the department smartkey? We have a new “PIN” based solution that is cleaner and less confusing.

PaperCut print/copy is a new chargeback solution that charges by person, rather than by machine. Student workers currently have access to their deployment’s printing account from the account selection screen (see screenshots in the ITS link below.) To tighten restrictions on which student workers have access, we are moving to a “PIN” code based system. If you would like to utilize this option for your student workers please email Crystal Flores at and she will provide the 4-digit code associated with your department account. Additional information can be found in this ITS Knowledge Base article: PaperCut Find-Me Printing Account Selection .

Please see attached Purchasing news for information on Grounds to Grow, Dupli, MSC Industrial and more.