August 2014

1. FY2015 Travel Expense Form
2. Year End – Prepaid and Accruals
3. Off Campus Approvals
4. Accounts Payable – Labor Day Deadlines
5. WFS Tip of the Month – Workflow Approvals

The FY2015 Travel Expense Form can be found in your portfolio under WFS/Finance. This includes the new mileage rate of 0.56.

Only certain cells in this version remain editable and available for data entry. A good portion of the document has been locked in order to ensure consistency (which help Approvers) and prevent formulas from being compromised.

2. YEAR END – Prepaids and Accruals
All prepaids and accrual entries have been booked for FY2015 as follows:

PREPAIDS – These are items paid in FY2014 but related to FY2015 goods, services or travel. You will notice FY2015 charges to your budget with a Line Description beginning with PREPD and a Line Reference containing the initial voucher number.

ACCRUALS – These are items paid in FY2015 but related to FY2014 goods, services or travel. You will notice a credit to the FY2015 budget with a Line Description beginning with ACCRUAL. If the accrual was initiated from an invoice the invoice ID will be in the Line Reference. If it was initiated from an email and the invoice or receipts for payment are still pending please gather the documentation as soon as possible, complete the AP Voucher and Ad Hoc Susan Pavis at the end of workflow.

If you have an item that appears to not have cleared, please contact Susan Pavis at extension 2839.

We have simplified the process to access WFS from off-campus and approve documents via the email notification. You no longer need to sign into VPN that was causing problems for some approvers. The following process will work for all SmartDoc approval emails:

1. Click on the link at the bottom of the approval email and you will be taken to the Wesleyan sign in page where you enter your Wesleyan username and password.

2. You will then be transferred to the WFS sign in page and you will again enter your Wesleyan username and password (double sign in for added security). The SmartDoc will then appear and it is ready for action. If you have multiple SmartDocs to approve you may not have to sign in again.

4. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE – Labor Day Deadlines
On Monday, September 1st, the University will observe the Labor Day holiday. All Accounts Payable Vouchers that must be processed on Friday, September 5th, must be received in the Accounts Payable Inbox no later than Friday, August 29th at 4:00 pm. Keep in mind that Wesleyan’s net terms determine the payment date.

Please contact Tamara Harley at extension 2843 or Crystal Flores at extension 2842 with any questions. Your cooperation is appreciated.

5. WFS Tip of the Month – Workflow Approvals
WFS builds the workflow path based on the Smartkey that is entered. Adhoc approvers are therefore tied to each Smartkey approval path. If at any time a Smartkey is changed after an approver has been adhoc’d be aware that the adhoc approver will not be maintained as workflow is rebuilt for the new smartkey. For example, if a voucher is denied and the Smartkey is changed then the previous approval path no longer applies and goes away. Therefore, the Adhoc’d approver goes away and must be reapplied to the new Smartkey approval path.

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