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1. Budget Management

Other News
2. Student Time Entry
3. Purchasing Card – Changes to Financial System Feed
4. Advanced Printing
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In his November 2008 Securing the Future message, President Roth asked all members of the Cabinet to be diligent in controlling spending.  With the fiscal year half over, we expect everyone in the community to continue to save money whenever and wherever possible with the expectation that you will generate year-end surpluses in your budgets.  Your help will assist the university in meeting its 2008/09 balanced budget goal during this turbulent financial period.

The Payroll Office would like to announce a new feature with Student Time entry.  As of Wednesday, January 21, you will see a new menu item under Student Payroll in PeopleSoft, Retro Student Hours.  The new panel should be used when reporting student retro (time that was not submitted in the appropriate time period).  The panel works similarly to the Student Time Entry panel but requires a pay period end date (Sunday) of the week the student’s time was worked.

Please use this link to watch a short demonstration on how to use Retro Student Hours feature.

 Retro Student Hours Demo: http://www.wesleyan.edu/training/online/stud_SRT_demo/stud_SRT_demo.htm

 Please Note: If your department is using Electronic Timeclock, any retro hours will automatically be updated in the new panel. 

3. PURCHASING CARD – Changes to Financial System Feed
Currently, transactions are fed to the financial system and summarized at the cardholder, transaction date, account, object level.  For example, if two charges were made on the same day for $25 each and charged to the same account/object code, the financial system would show one transaction of $50 to that account/object code with the cardholder name in the description field. 

Beginning with the January 20th bill we will implement the following changes to this feed which should greatly improve the reconciliation of charges to the financial system:

  • Charges will be fed to the financial system with transaction level detail and not summarized.
  • The Transaction Description will be the merchant name (up to 20 characters).
  • The first initial and the first 6 characters of the cardholder’s last name will be in the REF3 field. 

Please note that if you input “Expense Description” in SDOL it will override the merchant name when coming over to the financial system. You will need to leave it blank in SDOL to get the merchant name.

See the attached instructions on populating the Cost Center field on Advanced Printing’s PRINTERSTATE i135 ordering sites.  The change is due to a recent upgrade.

Please save these sites as favorites for quick answers to questions you might have.
Finance Office Website http://www.wesleyan.edu/finance/financeDept/
Finance Monthly Blog http://financemonthly.blogs.wesleyn.edu
New Financial System Blog http://wfs.blogs.wesleyan.edu/
Contact Information http://www.wesleyan.edu/finance/misc/contactInformation/

Email Addresses:
General Finance finance@wesleyan.edu.
PCard pcard@wesleyan.edu
Accounts Payable ap@wesleyan.edu
Purchasing obookas@wesleyan.edu

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