April 2024

1. Suppliers
2. Purchasing News


New Suppliers

In preparation for our July 1st go-live date in Workday, where we will no longer create new suppliers without the necessary support forms on file, we are making the following changes in policy:

Effective May 1st, Wesleyan will no longer create new suppliers without the IRS W9 and New Supplier form for Business/Individual attached to the departmental New Supplier Request form in your WesPortal.  Supplier requests through WesPortal that are missing supporting documentation will be denied. Please reach out to aphelp@wesleyan.edu if you have any questions.

International Suppliers will need to have completed their Sprintax registration before a new supplier is created.

Suppliers on Hold  

Any suppliers still on hold as of June 30 will not be converted to Workday and will have to go through the new Workday supplier setup procedures to be paid.   

You can search for suppliers on hold awaiting W9 forms by following the breadcrumbs below in WFS.

Main Menu>Suppliers>Supplier Information>Add/Update>Supplier.

Once on the page, set Hold Payment to = Yes and hit search.

This will bring up all suppliers on hold then you can sort by Originating OprID by clicking on that header.

Additional information on changes to the year end calendar will be provided soon.


Please see attached Purchasing News.

We are pleased to announce Catherine Kost as the new Associate Director of Purchasing and Procurement.  Catherine will assist Olga in supporting all of your purchasing and negotiation needs.  Her contact information is ckost@wesleyan.edu or (860) 865-2131