APRIL 2009

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System News
1. Month End Reports – ITS Store Charges
2. WFS Update

Important Reminders
3. Year End
4. Next Open Finance Meeting
5. Backup Documentation
6. Payments to non-US Citizens

Other News
7.  Accounts Payable  – New Vendor Form, Memorial Day Deadlines
8. Purchasing News
9. Purchasing Card 
10. Who to Contact?

1. MONTH END REPORTS – ITS Store Charges
Some of the ITS store transactions have duplicated in the March 30th run.  We are aware of this duplication and will be running reversal entries.  These entries will be included in the April month end E~Print  report(s).

The March month end jobs have run and the reports are currently available on Eprint. Users can access Eprint through the Administrative Applications area in their employee portfolio and by using their FRS operator number as the UserID and FRS Password as the Eprint password.

Wesleyan Financial System (WFS) is scheduled to go-live on July 1, 2009.  Please visit the WFS blog for status updates and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.  Questions and comments on the project can also be submitted from the page. 

Financial Inquiry will continue to be available for reporting on past years.  We do not have immediate plans to continue to feed Inquiry with data in the same format after July 1, 2009.  We are still working on a reporting strategy that will meet the needs of the community.

The year end schedule has been distributed and can be found at www.wesleyan.edu/finance/financeDept.  There will be two open seminars to discuss the memo and answer any year end questions you might have. 

Session 1 – Monday, April 27 1:00 – 2:00 Usdan 110

Session 2 – Friday, May 1 9:00 – 10:00 Woodhead Lounge

Please reply to Finance@wesleyan.edu if you are planning to attend.

Save the Date – The next Open Finance Meeting will be held on Monday, April 20 at 11:00 in Usdan 108.  This meeting will be primarily devoted to the WFS Financial System.  A more detailed agenda will be distributed prior to the meeting.

Federal regulations require the purchase of alcohol be excluded from certain University cost allocations.  It is very important that the alcohol be accounted for separately using object code 4535.

Appropriate travel expense reimbursement and PCard documentation must include both a detail listing of the items purchased and proof of payment.  An example of what is valid/invalid for dining receipts can be found here.

Reimbursements to/Payments on behalf of Non US Citizens –  When requesting a reimbursement for a non US citizen, or making a payment to a third party on behalf of a non US citizen, a copy of the foreign individual’s visa status (usually an I-94 card) must be attached to the request for payment.    

Honoraria Payments to Individuals in B visa or Visa Waiver Status –  If a B visa or visa waiver holder is receiving an honorarium to perform in an event or performance on campus, the event or performance must be open to students and/or the general public with no admission fee.

 Please see policies and procedures for paying non US citizens at http://www.wesleyan.edu/finance/financeDept/foreignTax/policyForiegn.html

To get ready for our new financial system, Accounts Payable will be collecting information from our existing vendors using our New Vendor/Substitute W-9 form. This form will be available soon on our web site. In the near future a new vendor will not be set up for payment until this form is received by the accounts payable department.

Vouchers received by 4pm on Thursdays will be processed for payment in the following week’s Friday check run.

SPECIAL MEMORIAL DAY DEADLINES – Vouchers for the May 29th check run are due to Accounts Payable by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, May 20.

For accounts payable questions please contact Tammy Harley at x2843 or Janet Gyurits at x2842 or email ap@wesleyan.edu

Please see the April Purchasing news for information on :

  • Executive Valet Parking
  • WB Mason and Year End Furniture Purchases
  • The Crowne Plaza Cromwell
  • HP Color Printer

Please be sure to monitor your monthly purchase limit, especially prior to making any large purchases.  This will ensure the card is not declined at the point of sale.

Reminder, Crystal Rock accepts the PCard.  Go to http://www.crystalrock.com/ and set up your account through E-Billing to pay your bills online.  Remember to print out your confirmation once the payment has gone through Crystal Rock so it can be attached to the monthly JP Morgan statement.

PCARD charges will be downloaded on April 23, 2009 for billing cycle ending April 20th, 2009.  Be sure to access SDOL to reallocate any charges prior to the download.  Any reallocation after the download will require an ELF Entry.

Reconciled and approved PCARD statements are due to the Finance Office by May 20th with supporting documentation.

Cash Advance Option – If you have a cash advance option on your card there are PCard cash advance procedures that must be followed to create a PIN and access the cash advance.  A cash advance fee of 2% of the advance amount will be charged to your account.

For immediate assistance with your JPMorgan Purchasing Card, call the 24 hour Customer Service number on the back of your card (800)316-6056 or (847)488-3748 outside the U.S.

Contact pcard@wesleyan.edu for all card maintenance requests (i.e., credit limit increases/decreases, name change, address change).

Please save these sites as favorites for quick answers to questions you might have.
Finance Office Website http://www.wesleyan.edu/finance/financeDept/
Finance Monthly Blog http://financemonthly.blogs.wesleyn.edu
New Financial System Blog http://wfs.blogs.wesleyan.edu/
Contact Information http://www.wesleyan.edu/finance/misc/contactInformation/

Email Addresses:
General Finance finance@wesleyan.edu.
PCard pcard@wesleyan.edu
Accounts Payable ap@wesleyan.edu
Purchasing obookas@wesleyan.edu

What topics would you like to see included in this monthly communication? Do you have a system tip you’d like to share? Finance Monthly will be e-mailed on a monthly basis, corresponding with the availability of month end financial reports. Items for inclusion are due five business days before the end of each month and can be submitted to finance@wesleyan.edu

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