April 2010



Important Reminders
1. Year End – Save the Date
2. Cash Receipts Reminders
3. Summer Student Employment
4. WFS Demo Session

5. WFS Tips and Tricks – Customize your Output

Other News
6. Foreign Payments – U.S. Taxation of Foreign Students
7. Accounts Payable – Payment Terms
8. Purchasing News – WB Mason and Employee Discounts
9. Purchasing Card – Expiring Cards
10. Who to Contact?

1. YEAR END – Save the Date
Two year end seminars are currently scheduled to review the various year end processes and expectations. 

Friday, April 9, 10:00, PAC 001

Monday, April 12, 1:00, Usdan 108

The presentation will be the same so you only need to attend one.  Additional information will be available soon.

In the meantime, it is not too early to begin thinking about year end.  The following items are things you can begin thinking about now:

  • Budget Status – Request that any old PO’s, vouchers and/or journals be closed or deleted.
  • Necessary expenditures through June
  • Travel Expense Reports
  • Prepaid Expenses
  • Workflow backlog – All documents will need to by processed by year end.

Things to remember when preparing a cash deposit:

  • Write the Smartkey/Account on the front of the check (this is especially important for researching returned checks). Deposit Transmittal will be denied if this information is not on the check.
  • Band the currency and roll the coins in the applicable amounts. 
  • Detach the stubs from checks and identify the department on the back of the checks.  If you have a “Deposit Only to Account of Wesleyan University” stamp please be sure it is used on the back of the checks. 
  • Deposit at least weekly or when cash levels exceed $200. 

Wesleyan will again coordinate a summer employment program for Wesleyan students.  The funds available for the summer program are limited; therefore, the number of students employed in the program is limited.  The summer employment program period will be for May 17th to September 5th.  

Please keep in mind the following guidelines for the summer employment program as you plan your needs for the summer.
**Summer Employment Eligibility**:  Students that have demonstrated need (i.e. Federal Work-Study or Term-Time eligibility) during the 2009-10 academic year will be eligible for the 50% wage reimbursement. Supervisors must e-mail a list of all students employees that they would like to have considered for this wage reimbursement by May 14th – there will be no exceptions to this deadline.
The list of students (with their WesID) must be sent to workstudy@wesleyan.edu. Requests will be granted on a first come, first serve basis and departments will receive an e-mail confirmation if their student(s) will be eligible to participate in the program.  Requests received after the May 14th deadline will not be eligible to participate in the program.
Summer Employment eligible students can earn up to $3264 in hourly wages during the summer, during which their employer(s) will receive the benefit of the 50% wage reimbursement. Students may hold multiple jobs on-campus and all of their earnings will go toward this $3264 individual allotment. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to monitor each student’s pay. Earning in excess of the $3264 allotted for each student will be charged 100% to the department. Additionally, if a student qualifies for overtime, overtime earnings will be charged to the respective departmental accounts.  

Summer Pay Rate: The summer pay rate is set at $8.50 per hour.

Summer Employment Web Site: Please see the link below to the Student Employment web site order to update or post a job on the summer employment web site.  Students have the discretion of selecting their job for the summer.  We cannot guarantee that every department’s job request will be filled.  Students will view all job postings on the web and make their request for an interview by e-mail unless otherwise instructed on the job posting.

For more information on posting summer positions go to: http://www.wesleyan.edu/finaid/employment/postingposition.html
(Be sure to indicate in the posting that this is a summer position when submitting it.)

Questions/Contacts:  Any financial questions or concerns regarding summer employment (i.e., student earnings, the 50% wage reimbursement, etc.) should be should directed to Janine Lockhart at x2723 (the departments within Academic Affairs) or Chris Andrews at x3153 (all other departments). 
Any other general questions or concerns about the summer employment job postings should be directed to Sean Martin at smartin@wesleyan.edu.

Temporary Summer Housing:  Students must secure housing on their own either off campus or through the Office of Residential Life.  For more information regarding summer housing please refer students to the Office of Residential Life Website http://www.wesleyan.edu/reslife/.
General Reminders.  The student payroll dates are the same as during the academic year (Monday through Sunday). Summer student employment hours are submitted through PeopleSoft (Student Time Reporting) in the same way that hours are submitted during the academic year. Students must be paid for the actual number of hours worked and they must be paid an hourly wage that meets the minimum wage.  Hourly time reporting is necessary to comply with the state’s labor laws to ensure that students who hold multiple jobs have all of their work hours combined for determining and calculating overtime.  It is a violation of state law to submit hourly time based on an estimated number of hours worked. 

When hiring students, please contact the Payroll Office if you need to confirm that the student(s) have completed the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form.  The students are no longer allowed to work prior to completing the proper paperwork.  Any questions can be directed to Payroll at 860-685-2670.

 Because the university’s fiscal year ends on June 30, wages paid after July 1st will be charged to the 2010-2011 fiscal year budget.
Graduating Seniors: Departments hiring graduating seniors must contact Human Resources Office x2229 to make arrangements to convert them into temporary employees.

Reminder that there will be a WFS Demo/Information Session on Inquiry enhancements scheduled for Monday, April 5 at 11 am in Usdan 108.

5. WFS TIPS AND TRICKS – Customizing Output
When using the Wesleyan Inquiry panels in WFS and after entering your criteria and hitting search the system returns a grid of data with many columns representing different pieces of information.  You can organize, show, or hide any of the columns by clicking the “Customize” link in the upper right corner of the grid.  This customization will stay with the panel each time you return.

For example, if you want to see the Final Approval Date right next to the amounts on the Transaction Detail panel, simply click “Customize”, highligh “Final Apprvl Date” at the bottom of the “Column Order” screen and click the “up” arrow in the center of the panel.  Keep clicking this arrow until the “Final Apprvl Date” travels up the screen to where you would like it to show.

6.  FOREIGN PAYMENTS – U.S. Taxation of Foreign Students
Please see this month’s version of the Navigate newsletter for reminders regarding the U.S. Taxation of Foreign Students.

7.  ACCOUNTS PAYABLE – Payment terms
Wesleyan’s net 30 payment terms determines when a payment is made. This is 30 days from the invoice date that you put in the voucher.  If a payment needs to be made prior to the 30 days, please follow these instructions when completing a voucher.

 In the Instruction for AP field type DD (For Due Date) followed by the six digit date that the check is needed by. 

**Important-Please make sure that this is typed before any other information in this field since our AP inbox only picks up the first 15 characters of this field.

 Please keep in mind that Wesleyan’s payment terms (Net 30 days) determines when a payment is made.

 Thank you in advance for your cooperation in adhering to our processing schedule. Please contact Tamara Harley at extension #2843 or Janet Gyurits at extension #2842 with any questions.


WB Mason and Year End Furniture Purchases
As year-end is quickly approaching, please keep in mind that furniture orders must be received in Purchasing by April 30, 2010.  The furniture lead time is 4-8 weeks, depending on product lines.  All deliveries, including office supplies, must be received prior to June 23, 2010 to be charged to FY10. 

 The Wesleyan Sustainability Committee requests everyone’s cooperation in purchasing only 30% recycled paper. There are still departments who do not comply with the University’s initiatives to continue efforts in becoming more sustainable.

 Pete Katynski, is the new dedicated driver for Wesleyan.  Pete is a seasoned and knowledgeable driver who has been with WB for 8 years. We are pleased to welcome Pete and offer him assistance to familiarize him with the campus.

 Verizon Wireless
Wesleyan employees can receive an excellent benefit with the Verizon Wireless. The new Verizon Wireless partnership includes the following:

  • 18% Monthly Discount Off All Plans
  • 25% Accessory Discount
  • Up to 100% Discount on Qualifying Phones
  • Personal Representative for Account Support
  • 24/7 Access to Your Account through My Verizon

Brandon O’Dell from Verizon Wireless will be hosting an Employee Day on April 7th at the Usdan Center, Room 108 11:30am to 2:30pm.  Employees can receive more information and allow access to sign up for the discount offers. See attached flyer.

Also, if you can’t make April 7th, contact Brandon at 860-338-5375, or visit Verizon website at www.verizonwireless.com/getdiscounts.         

Sprint Nextel
Wesleyan University employees can receive an excellent benefit through Sprint that includes the following:

  • 15% Discount Monthly Service
  • Up to 100% Discount on Qualifying Phones
  • Custom website for Wesleyan University employees to purchase phones, accessories and add the discount: www.sprint.com/wesleyanunviersity
  • Personal Representative for Account Support
  • 24/7 Access to Your Account through My Sprint

Existing customers can add the discount, Call 866-853-4931, select option 1 and mention code GAUNV_WSN_ZZZ 

Unlike most other wireless providers, your discount may apply to up to 5 lines on your account (not just the primary line)

Tim from Sprint/Nextel will be hosting an Employee Day on April 16th at the Usdan Center, Room 104 at 11:00am to 2:00pm.  Employees can receive more information and allow access to sign up for the discount offers. To speak to an account executive call: Tim Whitehouse at 203-623-2116 or email at tim.whitehouse@thecustomercenter.com

As a reminder, Wesleyan’s preferred vendor is FedEx for all your express shipping needs by ground or air.

White Way Dry Cleaning


Think of it?  Never having to stop at the cleaners again.  White Way Delivers offers the employees of Wesleyan FREE pickup and delivery at their office for all dry cleaning needs. White Way provides the following services:

  • Dry-cleaning
  • Shirt Laundering
  • Tailoring & Alterations
  • Cleaning of comforters and all household items
  • Wash/dry/fold of laundry
  • Cleaning of leathers, suede’s and rugs
  • Wedding gown preservation

 To participate in this service you can sign up online at:  www.whitewaycleaners.com. A White Way representative will contact you to arrange your free pickup and delivery schedule at your office.  White Way is on campus every Tuesday and Friday. Attached is the price list and services provided.

 Executive Valet Parking
Wesleyan University has a contracted rate with Executive Valet Parking at Bradley International Airport. Sanditz Travel negotiated this excellent rate for Wesleyan.  Executive Valet is locally owned and takes pride in its high customer service levels and friendly staff.  The Sanditz rate for Wesleyan University is just $5.95 per day or $29.75 per week.  This offer is good for both business and vacation travel.

The owner of Executive Valet has been in the airport parking business for more than 30 years.  Their lot is secure and lighted and has two security people on duty 24 hours a day.  In addition, they offer a Frequent Parker Program with Express Checkout.  Executive Valet also offers a full menu of Car Care Services, consisting of oil changes, car washes, wash and wax, and a complete detail.

Wesleyan Faculty, Staff and Students can save even more by purchasing prepaid vouchers.  There is no expiration date on Prepaid Parking and no restrictions.  For more information, contact Patti Biss at Sanditz Travel or Steve Lepow at Executive Valet, 1-800-218-1297.

The Purchasing Department has discounted coupons available. Please email Olga Bookas at obookas@wesleyan.edu. The coupon is not required as long as you have a Wesleyan ID with you when you bring your car to Executive Valet Parking. 

The Wesleyan Community can purchase Prepaid Vouchers for the summer and save money with the special rates below:

14 Days – $53.94
21 Days – $64.35
30 Days – $80.00
60 Days – $120.00
90 Days – $150.00

In addition, Sanditz makes available to all Wesleyan employees two additional partners that offer a Sanditz discounted rate.

Roncari Express Valet Parking ~ 800-555-6540
Rate: $7.89 per Day or $47.34 per Week

FasTTrack Airport Parking ~ Phone: 800-590-6789
Rate: $6.50 per Day or $34.95 per Week


Expiring JPMorgan PCards:  Distribution of new PCards will begin in April.  The Finance Office will contact all cardholders/departments with a distribution schedule.          


  • Accessing you PCard Voucher in WFS – to access your PCard voucher, search on Invoice ID by entering cardholder’s email username.  Note, if you did not have activity during the billing cycle, no voucher is created in WFS and no submission is required.
  • Credit Limit – credit limits refresh at midnight on the 20th of each month.  If the 20th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, credit limit refreshes at midnight of the previous business day.
  • Business Purpose Requirement – all PCard charges require a description of business purpose.
  • Receipt Requirement – all PCard charges require an itemized receipt, unless otherwise indicated by the University’s Travel and Other Expense Policy.  For audit purposes, if missing a receipt, please indicate “NR” in the description field of your PCard voucher and provide a detailed business description for the charge.  Per PCard policy, “Any charge not supported by a receipt is subject to personal reimbursement by the cardholder.  Consistent missing receipts will result in the suspension of cardholder privileges or permanent cancellation of the card.”
  • Cash Advances – if available, cardholders should use the cash advance feature on their card for minimal out of pocket travel expenses.  Travelers must include an itemized summary of expenses, including supporting documentation, for the full amount of all cash advances taken.  Any unused funds must be deposited back to the cardholder’s default SmartKey/Account 82450.
  • No Splitting transactions – splitting transactions to avoid the single transaction limit is prohibited per Pcard Policy.  Email pcard@wesleyan.edu to request changes in your monthly and/or single transaction limit.  CC your credit card supervisor and Fiscal Manager.  Permanent credit limit increases require an active email request from your Fiscal Manager.

Please note the following PCard dates:

 Billing Month     Voucher Available           Voucher Due

March                   3/23/10                               4/20/10
April                     4/26/10 (revised)                5/20/10
May                      5/24/10                               6/20/10

All Pcard vouchers are due 30 days after each billing period end date.  All March vouchers should be reconciled and submitted by April 20th.

Contact pcard@wesleyan.edu with any questions. 

For immediate assistance with your JPMorgan Purchasing Card, call the 24 hour Customer Service number on the back of your card (800)316-6056 or (847)488-3748 outside the U.S.

Please save these sites as favorites for quick answers to questions you might have.
Finance Office Website http://www.wesleyan.edu/finance/financeDept/
Finance Monthly Blog http://financemonthly.blogs.wesleyn.edu
New Financial System Blog http://wfs.blogs.wesleyan.edu/
Contact Information http://www.wesleyan.edu/finance/misc/contactInformation/

Email Addresses:
General Finance finance@wesleyan.edu
WFS Help wfshelp@wesleyan.edu
PCard pcard@wesleyan.edu
Accounts Payable ap@wesleyan.edu
Purchasing obookas@wesleyan.edu

What topics would you like to see included in this monthly communication? Do you have a system tip you’d like to share? Finance Monthly will be e-mailed on a monthly basis. Items for inclusion are due five business days before the end of each month and can be submitted to finance@wesleyan.edu

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