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1. Finance Move
2. WFS Workflow – Push Back vs. Deny
3. United Way International Bake Sale
4. Wes Station Charges

 Other News
5. Accounts Payable – Special Deadlines for 11/12/2010 and Thanksgiving
6. Navigate Newsletter – Payments to Foreign Artists via Agents or Managers
7. Purchasing News – Copiers
8. Purchasing Card – Large Voucher Workflow Submission
9. Who to Contact?


On Thursday, November 4, the following members of the Finance Office will be moving from North College to 287 High Street.  The Office will be closed on November 4.

 Accounts Payable
Lynne Gambell
Janet Gyurits
Tamara Harley

 Grants, Gifts/Endowments
Rose Pandolfo
Kim Savinelli

Financial Reporting
Valerie Nye
Susan Pavis
Christine Rodrigue
Tami Sabo

Please change mailing addresses that previously went to 237 High to 287 High.

As of November 5, check pickup, PCard services, and NRA Visitor services will be at 287 High Street. 

Come visit!

If a voucher approver hits the “Push Back” button then the voucher will be sent to the previous approver, which may not necessarily be the originator.  In addition, the concept of “Push Back” does not release the fields for editing.  If accounting needs to be changed on a voucher the approver should “Deny” the voucher so that it returns to the originator who can then edit the fields.

Please see the attached flyer regarding an International Bake Sale in support of the United Way Campaign and the Amazing Grace Food Pantry.

Wes Station chargebacks have not yet been recorded in WFS for October.  Wes Station is actively working on the interface.

Accounts Payable will be moving to 287 High Street on November 4.  Please adhere to the following special deadlines during this time period as exceptions will not be able to be accommodated:

Week Ending Vouchers Due Checks Available for pickup
Nov 5 N/A Friday, Nov 5
Nov 12 Friday, Nov 5  4:00 pm Friday, Nov 12

In addition, please review and post the attached special deadlines for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Wesleyan’s net 30 payment terms determines when a payment is made. This is 30 days from the invoice date that you put in the voucher.  If a payment needs to be made prior to the 30 days, please follow these instructions when completing a voucher.

 In the Instruction for AP field type DD (For Due Date) followed by the six digit date that the check is needed by. 

**Important-Please make sure that this is typed before any other information in this field since our AP inbox only picks up the first 15 characters of this field.

 Thank you in advance for your cooperation in adhering to our processing schedule. Please contact Tamara Harley at extension #2843 or Janet Gyurits at extension #2842 with any questions.

Please see this month’s Navigate newsletter which addresses payments to foreign artists via agents or managers. 

Please see the attached information regarding copiers.

8. PURCHASING CARD – Download Dates

There have been cases where a user experiences a blank screen in WFS when attempting to submit a PCard voucher.  If this happens please email with the voucher number to request that the Finance office submit on your behalf.  Reconciliation must be complete and budget check warnings cannot appear on the voucher.    

PCard Download dates are as follows:


NOVEMBER 2010                              10/21-11/20                        11/23/2010

DECEMBER 2010                               11/21-12/20                        12/22/2010

 Reminder that vouchers are now automatically budget checked during the download process.   If you edit Smartkeys/Accounts you will need to Budget Check again.  You still need to go in, attach receipts, document business purpose and submit for approval by the deadlines.


  • Please reallocate all Pcard transactions prior to submitting your Pcard voucher 
  • If a SmartKey needs to be changed prior to Finance Approval, contact pending approver to coordinate voucher edit. 
  • Journal vouchers related to a Pcard voucher should not be processed unless the Pcard voucher has been fully approved by the Finance Office.


  • Please do not edit your PCard Invoice Number.
  • Be sure to attach an itemized receipt/invoice to your voucher
  • Include a University business purpose for all charges on your voucher.


  • Accessing you PCard Voucher in WFS – to access your PCard voucher, search on Invoice ID by entering cardholder’s email username.  Note, if you did not have activity during the billing cycle, no voucher is created in WFS and no submission is required.
  • Credit Limit – credit limits refresh at midnight on the 20th of each month.  If the 20th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, credit limit refreshes at midnight of the previous business day.
  • Business Purpose Requirement – all PCard charges require a description of business purpose.
  • Receipt Requirement – all PCard charges require an itemized receipt, unless otherwise indicated by the University’s Travel and Other Expense Policy.  For audit purposes, if missing a receipt, please indicate “NR” in the description field of your PCard voucher and provide a detailed business description for the charge.  Per PCard policy, “Any charge not supported by a receipt is subject to personal reimbursement by the cardholder.  Consistent missing receipts will result in the suspension of cardholder privileges or permanent cancellation of the card.”
  • Cash Advances – if available, cardholders should use the cash advance feature on their card for minimal out of pocket travel expenses.  Travelers must include an itemized summary of expenses, including supporting documentation, for the full amount of all cash advances taken.  Any unused funds must be deposited back to the cardholder’s default SmartKey/Account 82450.
  • No Splitting transactions – splitting transactions to avoid the single transaction limit is prohibited per Pcard Policy.  Email to request changes in your monthly and/or single transaction limit.  CC your credit card supervisor and Fiscal Manager.  Permanent credit limit increases require an active email request from your Fiscal Manager.

All Pcard vouchers are due 30 days after each billing period end date.  All October vouchers should be reconciled and submitted by November 22nd.

Contact with any questions. 

For immediate assistance with your JPMorgan Purchasing Card, call the 24 hour Customer Service number on the back of your card (800)316-6056 or (847)488-3748 outside the U.S.

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