November 2011

1. WFS Tips Budget vs. Actual Parameters, Gadget Templates, Journals
2. Travel Expense Reporting Report Updates
3. AP Thanksgiving Deadlines


Budget vs. Actual Run Controls
The monthly budget vs. actual reports utilize run controls.  A run control is a name given to a set of parameters on the criteria page.  You can store several sets of parameters that you run frequently by creating multiple run controls.  It is very important that these names do not contain any special characters or spaces.  If a run control is blank or contains spaces or special characters you will receive an error when running the report.  If you need to separate the words please insert an underscore (“_”) in the place of a space.

Voucher Templates
Do you create the same voucher every month or week for the same accounting and vendor but just a different dollar amount. Reminder that the Gadgets at the top of the voucher have the ability to create templates. Similar to run controls above, templates can be used to store sets of parameters to be called and utilized at a later date. This can save time by not having to enter in the same information over and over. Further discussion and procedures on how to create templates can be found at

Journal Lines- Due to/Due from with no Smartkey
The University operates under a system of Fund Accounting. If journal lines use different funds (remember the fund number is the first three digits of the smartkey) the system will automatically create additional lines that bring the funds in balance. These lines show up with a description of “Due to/fr current” with no Smartkey and their dollar values are included into the journal totals, thus creating the appearance of duplicating the transactions. Users do not need to be concerned with this duplication. It occurs on different accounts and does not affect budget.


The following minor changes have been made to the WFS 2012 Expense Report (found in your portfolio under Administrative Applications):

  • Air/Rail is now just Air and Rail has moved to the Taxi/Limo line.
  • Added separate lines for Alcohol, Conference Fees and Incidentals (such as baggage handling tips).


On November 24th and 25th, the University will observe the Thanksgiving Holiday. All Accounts Payable Vouchers that must be processed by Wednesday, November 23rd must be received in the Accounts Payable Inbox no later than Thursday, November 17th, at 4:00 p.m. All Accounts Payable Vouchers that must be processed by Friday, December 2nd must be received in the Accounts Payable Inbox no later than Wednesday, November 23rd at 4:00pm.

Any AP checks marked for pick up on November 23rd must be picked up by 12:00 noon on that day or they will be mailed to the payee.

Keep in mind that Wesleyan’s net terms determine the payment date. Please contact Tamara Harley at extension 2843 or Crystal Flores at extension 2842 with any questions. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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