November 2012


1. Account Code use related to Co-Sponsorships
2. Purchasing News
3. Inn at Middletown reservation email change Again!
4. Accounts Payable Thanksgiving deadlines

A reminder that if a department is doing a Journal Entry to give another department money as a co-sponsorship payment, the same account code must be used on both sides of the transaction. An example of this is the use of Account Code 85911 “Event Support”.  The debit and the credit should use that account code. (Note: co-sponsorships are not allowed between grants). In addition, if 85911 “Event Support” is used for the journal to transfer funds, that account should NOT be used to pay the bill. The account code that best describes the expense, such as honorariums, meals, or travel should be used for the voucher.

Please see the attached Purchasing News for important information on the vendor show happening this Thursday, November 8 and Executive Valet parking.

There has been another change in the email address used to request a reservation at the Inn at Middletown. Please use We apologize for the inconvenience.

On November 22nd and 23rd, the University will observe the Thanksgiving Holiday.

All Accounts Payable Vouchers that must be processed by Wednesday, November 21st must be received in the Accounts Payable Inbox no later than Thursday, November 15th, at 4:00 p.m.

All Accounts Payable Vouchers that must be processed by Friday, November 30th must be received in the Accounts Payable Inbox no later than Wednesday, November 21st at 4:00pm.

Any AP checks marked for pick up on November 21st must be picked up by 12:00 noon on that day or they will be mailed to the payee.

Keep in mind that Wesleyan’s net terms determine the payment date. Please contact Tamara Harley at extension 2843 or Crystal Flores at extension 2842 with any questions. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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