February 2014

1. WFS -WFS Notification Change in Smartdoc Approval
2. Purchasing News
3. Payment Processing for Foreign Visitors
4. PCard Application
5. New Inquiry Panels for Grants
6. New Fields in Transaction Detail Panels
7.  Responsible Person Inquiry Panel for Grants

1. WFS Notification Change in Smartdoc Approval (as previously communicated)
This change is effective February 4, 2014.

In order to reimburse faculty and staff, pay and order from merchants, and provide an accurate portrayal of balances, it is important that WFS Vouchers and Purchase Orders are acted upon in a timely manner. As a result, we have been requested by some users to have additional email reminders of Vouchers and Purchase Orders that have been pending approval for more than two weeks.

You do not need to do anything unless you get a reminder email, at which point there will be a link to the pending voucher. The email will have the following Subject line:

Action Required: Voucher (Purchase Order) 00xxxxxx has been awaiting your approval for more than two weeks

It was previously communicated that these emails will appear from the Originator of the Voucher or PO. That needs to be corrected. It will appear from “wfs-reminder@wesleyan.edu”.


2. Purchasing News
Please see the attached Purchasing news for lots of new information including area hotel rates, Enterprise contact and rates, the 2014 ProShred Schedule and more!

3. Payment Processing for Foreign Visitors
The following is a reminder related to payment processing for foreign visitors. This is not in response to any specific issues in this area, but simply a reference, as activity is increased during the fall and spring semesters.

Understanding that international cultural engagement fuels creativity, supports diplomacy, and enriches artistic offerings, it is crucial for both foreign visitors and Wesleyan to comply with US immigration work restrictions and federal tax law. Payments to and for the services of foreign individuals and businesses are highly regulated and non-compliance could jeopardize a visitor’s visa status and/or future visits to the US. The University will only make payments to and on behalf of eligible individuals upon receiving proof of such eligibility. To that end, it is extremely important to notify Finance, Christine Rodrigue, x3502, prior to requesting and/or accepting the services of a foreign person or business. Please see NRA Visitor Payment Checklist.

The URL for the NRA Visitor Payment Checklist is:

4. PCard Application
The PCard application has been updated and now offers data entry fields for your convenience. It can be found at http://www.wesleyan.edu/finance/pcard/pcardapp.pdf


WFS Inquiry Changes (as previously communicated):

5. New Inquiry Panels for Grants
Two new panels, Grant Summary and Grant Year Summary, can be found under Wesleyan Menu>Wesleyan Inquiry>Grant Inquiry menu on the left side of the Home screen. Additional information on these panels has been sent separately to the appropriate groups.

6. New Fields in Transaction Detail Panels
Grant Year has been added to the Projects tab after the End Date column and Ship To Descr has been added to the Document Specific Info tab after the Ship to Loc column. The locations referenced here assume an uncustomized layout. If you have customized your Inquiry layout they may appear elsewhere. ****This will impact any pivot tables that you maintain so please adjust accordingly.****

7. Responsible Person
In order to facilitate Smartkey searches, a Responsible Person has been added to the following Smartkey groups: Ploughbacks, Faculty Research, Startups, and some Endowments. This responsible person will appear in the column that was formerly labeled PI/PM Oper ID and has now been renamed PI/PM/RP Oper ID. The meaning of this column heading indicates something different depending on the Smartkey as follows:

o PI = Principal Investigator for Grant Smartkeys (Funds 5xx)
o PM = Project Manager for Construction and Major Maintenance Smartkeys (Funds 710 and 730)
o RP = Responsible Person for Endowment, Ploughback, Faculty Research and Startup Smartkeys (Funds 101, 104, 140, 652, 720)

We hope you find these changes helpful and, as always, please email WFShelp@wesleyan.edu with any questions or concerns.

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