March 2016

1. Budget Transfers in WFS
2. Year End – Prepaids
3. WFS Upgrade – New Home Page Items, Missing Doc ID, Attachment Buttons
4. Purchasing News
5. Budget Reminders

The deadline for original budget transfers is Thursday, March 31. It is important that we freeze the 2016 original budgets for 2017 budget planning. Adjustment budget transfers will still be allowed in the last quarter of the fiscal year, but there should be very little budget transfer activity from this point forward. As a reminder, budget transfer training materials can be found on the Finance website at .  If you have any questions, please email

It is not too early to begin thinking about the end of the fiscal year. We are already beginning to see some prepaid expenses (expenses that are paid in this fiscal year but the activity or travel does not happen until after July 1). Be sure to watch your emails for year end seminars that the Finance Office will host in May and June. For now, the most important thing to keep in mind is to be sure that budgets are on target and if someone is paying for activity or travel (airfare, conference fees etc.) that will not take place until after June 30 contact Susan Pavis at x2839.

3. WFS Upgrade

New Home Page Items – The following new items have been added to the WFS Home Page:

  • Open GL Journal has been added under Wesleyan Smart Docs
  • Grant Summary and Grant Period Summary have been added to Wesleyan Inquiry Pages
  • Other Pages – A  new box “Other Pages” has been added to the home page that contains the PCard Reconcile Statement panel and My Valid Smartkeys which allows users to see a list of smartkeys that they have access to.

These are existing WFS pages that used to require menu navigation to access. You can still access the pages through the menu navigation but these home page links provide a shortcut.  Due to this change, for some users the “Top Menu Features Description” box may have reappeared on their home page.  If you prefer to hide that click the drop down arrow in the upper right corner of the box and click “remove”.

Deposits with Doc ID = “Missing” – During the first few weeks following the upgrade, the Doc IDs for deposit transmittals were coming into the Inquiry Transaction Detail panel with a value of “Missing”. In order to provide the correct information, the transaction had to be reversed and processed again. Therefore, users may see up to three lines for deposit IDs during this time (initial “missing”, reversal of the “missing”, recording of the transaction with accurate Doc ID.)

Attachment Buttons – Since the WFS upgrade, Safari browser users were experiencing issues with the OK/Cancel button not appearing during the attachment process.  This issue has been resolved.  Please email if you are still experiencing a problem.

4. Purchasing News
See attached Purchasing News for information on the 5th Annual Taste of Middletown, Green Vendor Show and more.

5. Budget Reminders
Be sure to check your financial reports so that you are on track in your budgets. Assuming consistent spending throughout the year, budgets should be 67% expended.

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